Annual Production of 600,000t and 300,000t GGBS Production Line of Tangshan Hongyan Building Materia

News Date:2015-09-14 14:10:44

Project Overview

Project company: Tangshan Hongyan building material Co., Ltd

Project address: Accumulation Area, Coastal Industry, Leting County, Bohai Bay.

Contracting mode: General contracting---turnkey project

Host configuration: GRMS 46.41,GRMS33.31 slag vertical roller mill

Production capacity: Annual production of 900,000t slag powder

Project Configuration

1. Iron separator

Iron separator is an equipment which can make strong magnetic attraction and can remove the ferromagnetic impurities in the material to ensure the transmission system of mechanical equipment such as crusher, grinding machine etc. with safe and regular operation, meanwhile can effectively prevent conveyor belt from crack because of the large and long iron, as well as can remarkably improve grade of material, and it can produce excellent economic benefits for iron recycle.

One of our products, pipeline automatic permanent magnetic iron separator, is an automatic magnetic separation equipment with high-performance, which is widely used in industries, such as cement, electricity, ceramic, brick, chemical industry, food, glass, metallurgy, steel etc., and it is the first choice of iron separator for material purification and ensures the safe operation of subsequent equipment.


77.jpg2. Dust collector

Materials being grind into powder and dried from bottom up through rotating separator. The turning vanes turn dusty gas deflection from upward flow into tangential flow. The rotors of separator are consistent with the rotation of tangential flow. Therefore, centrifugal area is formed in a gap which between turning vanes and moving vanes of separator rotor.

Large particles being throw outward, declined under the action of gravity, when the overlarge particle depart from gap, it will be collected into cutting cone hopper and then fall to millstone for regrinding. Transmitted along with the airflow, the final product enters the dust collector through the rotor and the upper casing of the power concentrator.

3. Center control system of slag powder production line

Center control system of slag powder production line is the important component part of slag powder production line, includes DCS system and industry television system (No.6 monitoring).

DCS system is also called distributed control system, and it is an automatic control system which is controlled by multiple computers to control multiple return circuits respectively in the production process, meanwhile also can centralize obtain data, centralize management and centralize control. Compared with multilevel control system of computer, distributed control system is more flexible in structure, more reasonable in distribution, and lower in cost. DCS system has the features of reliability, openness, flexibility, easy maintenance, coordination and complete function etc.

Industry television system can record the on-site image around the clock on the hard dish drive, and send to control center timely. Related management personnel can see about the current situation of each location, it can dispatch personnel to handle timely according to on-site situation when happens accident, can eliminate latent major accident. It has the functions of multichannel monitoring, video, video retrieval, playback and Camera controls etc.

Project Analysis

Tangshan Hongyan Building Material Co., Ltd has a rapid improvement in slag powder production capacity within two years since set up the slag production line of 600,000t and 300,000t. Slag powder product, which is produced by the company, tested qualified by State Building Materials Test Center, and reaches the S95 level quality standards,meets the requirement of around Bohai bay and domestic coastal city and foreign customers to slag powder with high performance and high quality. Tangshan Hongyan Building Material Co., Ltd achieves good economic benefits with achievements increasing constantly.

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