Causes of heating of vertical mill motor and treatment measures

News Date:2020-07-20 13:49:23

Vertical mill is a large scale grinding equipment. It not only runs for a long time, but also is mostly located outdoors. Over time, the mill will have some failures, especially the transmission system of the vertical mill-the motor, which will generate heat. It should be shut down for repairs, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment. So how should we deal with this situation?

slag vertical mill

Reasons for heating of vertical mill motor:

1. The quality of the vertical mill motor is not good.

2. The motor has a history of over-temperature operation, leading to insulation aging, resistance reduction, short circuit between turns, unbalanced three-phase current or motor overload.

3. The environment is humid, which causes the insulation resistance to decrease.

4. The installation quality of the mill is not good. For example, when the slag vertical mill is installed, the lines of the drive shaft and the cylinder are not parallel, and the gears of the large gear and the small gear do not mesh well.

5. The working voltage of the motor is too high or too low, especially when the voltage is too low, causing the rotor and stator current to increase too much.

6. The grinding body load in the vertical mill is too large or the feed amount is too much.

Treatment measures for heating of vertical mill motor:

1. When the motor is overhauled, add a motor stator temperature indicating instrument, connect the instrument to the operation column, and the operator can monitor the operating temperature of the motor.

2. Develop and comply with the motor circuit inspection and recording system, establish operating files, and equip the inspectors with clamp-type ammeters, point thermometers and other testing instruments, timely check and record, and provide original equipment operation, maintenance and failure analysis.

3. If the motor insulation is aging or the installation is not correct, it should be treated after the grinding has been stopped for a long time.

4. If the load of the grinding body is too large, it should be appropriately reduced.

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