What is the relationship between the ball mill shell and the ball mill liner?

News Date:2020-07-14 13:44:38

We all know that the ball mill liner is used to protect the ball mill shell, to prevent it from being rubbed by the grinding body or the material, so the effect of the liner on the shell is also critical. What should we do about the protection measures of the shell Implementation? Hope these can help you!

ball mill shell body

A layer of lining material needs to be added between the back of the liner and the cylinder to allow the liner to closely adhere to the inner wall of the cylinder. When the wet ball mill is used, it will be eroded by the grinding body and the mud and has greater strength. It is necessary to add a layer of wooden plywood or a relatively thick rubber plate between the lining plate and the barrel as a liner.

The bolts on the lining plate must be fully tightened, especially when the ball mill is in operation, it should be regularly checked whether the bolts on the lining plate are loose or broken. If the bolts become loose, they must be tightened immediately to prevent accidents. The bolts should break or the liner should fall off. The liner should be stopped. When the liner is worn seriously or there are signs of breakage, it should be replaced immediately.

ball mill

If the grinding process stop time is relatively long, the grinding body should be unloaded to prevent the cylinder body from being deformed due to heavy pressure. The wet ball mill barrel can be used to lay a waste conveyor belt with a thickness of about ten millimeters under the liner to prevent the shell from being worn by the material and reduce noise.

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