Chaeng high-quality ball mill head end cover

News Date:2020-06-23 15:43:23

CHAENG has increased innovation in the production of ball mill head end cover. The end covers produced by it have short casting time, long service life and high product quality.

ball mill head end cover

Chaeng ball mill head end cover advantages:
1. CHAENG has four large-scale natural gas heat treatment furnaces, and adopts special heat treatment technology to improve the hardness of the end cover and greatly enhance the impact resistance.
2. The ball mill end cover produced by CHAENG is made of high-quality steel material. Under the strict casting standard of great wall cast steel, the quality of the end cover is greatly guaranteed by avoiding the formation of pores, sand holes and cracks on the end cover.
3. CHAENG has an advanced casting team, which can produce end covers with short production cycle.
4. CHAENG strictly inspects the end covers to ensure the quality of each product.

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