CHAENG Helps Shagang Group Open a New Chapter in Steel-slag Resource Utilization

News Date:2020-06-16 13:58:53

 It is urgent for resource utilization of steel-slag

Steel slag is a by-product produced in the process of steel making, which means that every ton of steel produced will generate 125-140kg steel slag. In 2018, there were 121,000,000 tons of steel slag generated in China, but its resource utilization rate was just 30%. From the early 1990s to the end of 2018, The accumulative stock of steel slag was over 1,800,000,000 tons in China, which caused serious problems, like land occupation, pollution and waste of resources. The Environmental Protection Tax Law implemented formally on January 1, 2018 clearly points out that the government should levy environmental taxes for the iron and steel enterprises who generate steel slag without disposal. These enterprises should pay 25 yuan environmental taxes for every ton of steel slag. This regulation even shows that it is urgent for resource utilization of steel-slag.

resource utilization rate of steel slag

The resource utilization rate of steel-slag in China


Steel-slag treatment, is the most important task for the development of iron and steel enterprises

With increasingly serious environmental protection policy and huge stock of steel slag, the development of iron and steel enterprises is very difficult in recent years. Shagang Group is one of the representatives. Adjacent to the Yangtze River, Shagang Group is China's largest private steel enterprise with over 40,000,000 tons steels produced annually. So it is deeply troubled by the steel-slag problems in recent years.

Shagang Group has strong steel-producing ability but at the same time generates lots of steel slag every day. Because no proper steel slag resource utilization solutions have been found in the past, there were a large amount of steel slag stockpiling which caused great troubles for Shagang Group. Now how to realize advanced treatment and efficient utilization of steel slag have become the burning questions for Shagang Group.


The encounter between iron and steel enterprises and steel slag treatment enterprises

For the steel slag, how to treat and who can treat? That is a major problem. With years of influence in the metallurgical industry, Shagang Group quickly found an enterprise who had been committed to the resource utilization of steel slag for many years and had helped many iron and steel enterprises realize zero emission of steel slag. On the journey of steel slag utilization, this enterprise has left a bold and firm footprint. It is CHANG, an enterprise with a long history of 62 years, an an integrated service provider concentrating on providing waste residue resource utilization total solution for iron and steel enterprises.

In recent years, with environmental protection as its starting point and the development of recycling economy as its target, CHAENG adheres to the ecological civilization concept of respecting nature, complying with nature, and protecting natural, and follows the construction concept of reliable production, digital intelligent, advanced technology, saving investment and improving efficiency, and vigorously commits to providing waste residue resource utilization total solution for iron and steel enterprises. So CHAENG decided to take the lead to help Shagang Group solve the steel slag treatment problem.

You just has the requirement and we are just professional. So Shagang Group and CHAENG began to cooperate closely.

CHAENG Project, let Shagang Group see our professional and attentive services

In October 2019, the general manager of Hengle Building Materials Company subordinate to Shagang Group lead the team of technical experts came to CHAENG to visit and inspect. They were deeply impressed by CHAENG’s beautiful environment, advanced equipment, strict quality control system, scientific and ordered production management, specialized and scaled vertical mill production ability. But what really makes Shagang Group decide to cooperate with CHAENG is our many successful cases in steel slag resource utilization field.

For the past few years, CHAENG has successively cooperated with Ningbo Steel, Jinxi Steel and Aosen Steel, and several steel slag grinding plant have been completed and put into production, include: 300,000t/a, 450,000t/a and 600,000t/a. CHAENG has helped these enterprises realize 100% resource utilization pf steel slag. Now CHAENG has become an enterprise with most successful cases and complete specification in steel slag resource utilization field. Knowing about these, leaders of Shagang Group successively came to Ningbo Steel and Aosen Steel to visit and inspect their several steel slag line projects, and they have deeply known the unique advantages of CHAENG Project:

With independent patent and reliable performance. CHAENG has its own patented technology in iron removal before, during and after grinding, which can adapt well to the steel slag’s characteristics of poor grindability and high metal content.

Steel slag grinding plants constructed by CHAENG has high-quality finished product and good economic effect. GRMSS steel slag vertical mill adopts unique grinding roller shell and lining plate. The finished steel slag powder has high fineness, and the specific surface area can reach 450-500m2/kg.

Advanced vertical mill grinding process with better energy saving effect. The advanced vertical mill grinding process can make the system power consumption per ton of steel slag powder save more than 20% compared with the conventional process.

steel slag powder line

Ningbo Steel’s EPC composite powder production line project with annual output of 1.5 million tons

slag grinding plant

Jinxi Steel’s  600,000 t/a steel slag grinding plant EPC project

steel slag grinding plant EPC project
Hebei Aosen steel’s 300,000t/a steel slag grinding plant EPC project

After some investigation, the leaders of Shagang Group strengthened their confidence in cooperation with CAHENG.

Since the steel slag inventory and steel slag composition of each steel plant are different, targeted treatment is necessary.

In view of the raw material characteristics of Shagang Group's steel slag, CHAENG finally used GRMSS46.31 steel slag vertical mill as the main grinding equipment. According to local situation and site conditions, CHAENG provided Shagang Group with a process plan of steel slag grinding plant with annual production of 600,000 tons.

After comparison of real project technical indicators, actual factory inspection and display of advanced technical processes, Shagang Group finally determined that the vertical roller mill of CHAENG produced steel slag powder with high output and low energy consumption, and and each index is superior to other vertical roller mills. So, the group finally decided to choose the vertical roller mill of CHAEG, and the mill will be constructed by CHAENG.


The powerful combination leads a new trend of industrial waste residue resource development

This pleasant cooperation with Shagang Group has further established CHAENG's leading position in the field of steel slag recycling in China. And it also solved the problem of the steel slag management for the Shagang Group to preserve its environmental protection lifeline, which had made Shagang Group take a solid step on the road of the steel slag resource utilization, further accelerate its green transformation and achieve high-quality development.

In the future, CHAENG will continue to innovate, pursue, explore, and create new solutions for the utilization of industrial waste residues with more advanced processes, more optimized schemes, and more environmental protection, to make more steel companies share the wisdom, the solution and the achievements of CHAENG and strengthen the confidence of steel companies in handling steel slag, and to lead a new trend of industrial development.

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