How to choose a large gear ring manufacturer with high cost performance

News Date:2020-06-15 13:39:05

Before processing the gear ring, what do you need to determine?

1. The material and performance requirements of the product: whether it needs quenching and tempering or tooth surface hardening treatment, hardness requirements are standard.

2. Technical requirements and inspection methods: whether to entrust third-party TUV inspection or direct on-site inspection by the user.

3. Machining requirements and machining accuracy levels: single-tooth milling or special hob hobbing, specific standards for the implementation of accuracy levels, inspection of common normal or inspection of fixed chord tooth thickness

Girth gear

How to choose the gear ring processing?

Look at the brand

There are many types of steel processing plants on the market, which make many buyers complain. Steel castings are an important part of large machines, so the quality requirements are very strict. When choosing a processor, you must choose a big brand with a reputation of customers. .

Watch the scene

When determining the processing ring gear, we must make a field visit, with the understanding of the site and the introduction of the case, we can ensure the correctness of our choice.


To produce high-quality products, you must have advanced equipment and a complete process system, so when purchasing a buyer, you must check its process.

What problems should be paid attention to during the gear ring processing?

1. Are there any special requirements for mechanical performance sampling: agree with the processor in advance whether it is on-site sampling, or if the video is stamped during the sampling process and handed over to the customer for confirmation.

2. Whether magnetic particle inspection of non-machined surfaces is required after tempering: ask the processor how to arrange the inspection process, whether the dimensional inspection requires bed inspection, and whether the geometric tolerances in the drawing identification have special inspection requirements.


3. Requirements for painting and packaging: Do you have special requirements for the use of paint, packaging materials and protection.

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