How does the separator affect the quality of slag powder?

News Date:2020-05-06 15:13:23

According to the national standard "GB / T18046-2008", the national mineral powder quality is divided into S75, S95 and S105. Currently, S75 and S95 are commonly used in the market, of which S75 requires a 7-day activity index ≥55%, S95 level ≥75%. As the main equipment for grinding ore powder, the slag vertical mill is required to have higher powder quality.

If you want high-quality powder from the slag vertical mill, it is very important in the powder separator device. The role of the powder separator is to grind the mill to a certain size of fine powder to separate qualified products. The unqualified coarse powder is returned to the mill for re-grinding, while preventing the fine powder from being attached to the grinding body in the mill. The buffering effect improves the grinding efficiency of the mill, adjusts the particle composition, and prevents the unevenness of the fine powder, so the powder separator can ensure the quality of the grinding.

separator of vertical roller mill

The powder separator can be summarized into three steps of "dispersion", "classification" and "collection". "Dispersion" means that the material entering the powder separator should be thrown away as much as possible, and a certain spatial distance should be formed between the material particles. Therefore, the structure, rotation speed, size of the material distribution space, material moisture and material flow directly affect the dispersion rate of the cloth; "grading" means that after the material is dispersed, it stays in the powder selection room for a limited period of time. Using various sorting functions of air flow, the coarse and fine particles of the material are separated as much as possible and sent to their respective outlets. "Collection" is the ability to capture coarse powder and fine powder, which is related to the collection method and the structural form of the collection parts. Therefore, the gas flow rate, gas flow rate, gas flow mode, gas-solid intersection and flow field distribution, and the number and structure of the powder selection chamber have a great influence on the classification efficiency.

The vertical mill developed by chaeng adopts a new type of high-efficiency cage rotor powder separator to ensure that the specific surface area of ​​the finished product can be flexibly adjusted within the range of 400 ~ 550㎡ / kg. The activity of the mineral powder can be fully exerted in 28 days. According to the electric experiment data, the addition of mineral powder can increase the strength of cement 28D by 15% -20%. Due to the high efficiency and high precision of the powder separator, the phenomenon of over-grinding of materials is reduced, the particle size distribution of the finished product is narrow, and the gradation composition is reasonable.

It can be seen from this that the level of powder selection efficiency not only affects the output, but also has a greater relationship with the quality of the product.

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