Rotary kiln shell abnormal movement?

News Date:2020-04-28 13:19:00

Rotary kiln is a kind of thermal equipment that processes and heat treats cement, lime, kaolin and other materials. Due to its long running time, and the influence of its own structure and the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the cylinder will move. Normal turbulence will not affect the operation of the equipment, and abnormal turbulence will cause the equipment to malfunction and even cause safety problems, so the operator must pay attention to this problem!

The normal movement of the rotary kiln shell can extend the service life of the rotary kiln to a certain extent, but if the rotary kiln only moves in one direction for a long time, it is an abnormal phenomenon. Since it is not normal, then we have to find out the reason: in the long-term operation of the rotary kiln, it is difficult to control the appropriate gap between the inner diameter of the wheel belt and the backing plate, and it is inevitable that there will be mechanical wear and tear, resulting in loose wheel belt. The looseness of the tire belt will cause the displacement of the tire belt in the axial or radial direction. The centerline of the tire belt and the simplified centerline are not in the same straight line and form a certain angle. Thus, there is serious chaos.

rotary kiln shell segments

Solution: Correct loose wheels. Adjust the gap between the inner diameter of the wheel and the simplified pad. If the gap is too large, the pad should be thickened so that the center line of the wheel and the simplified center line are the same straight line to ensure its concentricity. When padding iron plates, padding must be symmetrical on the inner diameter circumference of the wheel belt. Secondly, after correcting the positioning of the wheel belt, it is necessary to reinforce it to prevent the wheel belt from loosening, and it is necessary to weld the stopper on the wheel belt and the simplified pad.

If the abnormal kiln shell movement of the rotary kiln is ignored, the working conditions of the kiln will be unstable, which will cause abnormal heating of the supporting roller bearing, resulting in production reduction or suspension, resulting in significant economic losses.

Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the rotary kiln, when the cylinder moves abnormally, it must be dealt with in time to reduce the harm of the equipment and achieve safe, efficient and high-quality production.

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