CHAENG girth gear has the advantages

News Date:2020-04-23 13:48:39

 Girth gear

CHAENG girth gear has the advantages:
1. CHAENG girth gear has the unique heat treatment technology improves wear resistance
The unique heat treatment technology is used to optimize the structure of the girth gear and increase the hardness, and the wear resistance and impact resistance of the girth gear are greatly enhanced.
2. CHAENG girth gear has high-strength steel guarantees long service life
Adopt high-strength steel material, and optimize the girth gear according to the transmission characteristics of the rotary kiln and ball mill to ensure the stability under long-term operation and prolong the service life of the girth gear.
Girth gear cost
The sincerity embodied in the production of our girth gear covers every aspect of manufacturing and sales. CHAENG has a long history of processing and manufacturing girth gear, and has accumulated a lot of experience in the production. It can produce various types of girth gear according to the drawings and dimensions provided by customers. Welcome to consult at any time!

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