What casting process is used to process the vertical roll mill grinding table?

News Date:2020-04-22 13:40:52

 The vertical mill grinding table is one of the main components in the vertical grinding equipment, which is mainly composed of the grinding table body, the lining plate, the pressing block, the baffle ring, the scraper plate, the wind ring, the wind deflector and other components.

grinding table vertical mill

Domestic processing large-scale grinding table casting manufacturers
Chaeng has more than 60 years of experience in large-scale rotary kiln and grinding mill manufacturing, and is currently very familiar with the rotary kiln and grinding mill process on the market, so it can be combined with customer host types and drawings for spare parts processing. In the processing of grinding table, the water glass sand casting process is adopted. The technology is advanced and the production strength is strong. It can provide customers with customized processing services for single-weight 20-120t grinding table. Customers favor.
grinding table process
Knowledge extension of water glass sand process: the difference between precision casting of water glass sand and casting of chilled resin sand
In the fine casting of water glass sand, the water glass is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. It is not harmful after being rinsed with water on the skin and clothing, but it must be avoided from splashing in people's eyes. Water glass has no irritating or harmful gas released during sand mixing, modeling, hardening and pouring, and there is no black and acid pollution. But if the process is improper and the water glass is added too much, the collapsibility of the water glass sand is not good. Dust flying during sand cleaning will also cause pollution. At the same time, the regeneration of old sand is difficult, and the discharge of waste sand causes alkaline pollution to the environment. If these two problems can be overcome, water glass sand can become an environmentally friendly sand with little waste sand emissions.
Fundamental measures to solve these two problems: reduce the addition of water glass to below 2%, which can basically shake off the sand. When the amount of water glass added is reduced, the residual Na2O in the old sand is also reduced. Using a relatively simple dry regeneration method, it is possible to maintain the residual Na2O content in the circulating sand below 0.25%. This reclaimed sand can meet the application requirements of single sand for small and medium-sized steel castings. At this time, even if the water glass old sand is not regenerated by the expensive and complicated step wet method, and it is simpler and cheaper to dry regeneration, it can be fully recycled, and there is basically no waste sand discharge Can be reduced to 1: 1 below.
Although resin sand has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy of castings, smooth surface and high molding efficiency, it can manufacture castings with complex shapes and strict internal quality requirements, and it is easy to recycle and reuse old sand; however, resin sand has high production costs and serious environmental pollution. People have increasingly strict requirements on their own living conditions and environment. Due to the large investment in labor protection and environmental hygiene in production, the application of resin sand is restricted. The water glass is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, and there is no irritating or toxic gas overflow during the sand mixing modeling, hardening and casting process. Therefore, in recent years, many countries have paid more attention to water glass sand.
In order to cast more high-quality vertical mill grinding table, chaeng continuously optimizes the design of the grinding table casting process in processing, overcomes the shortcomings of the previous structure, makes the grinding table base uniformly stressed, and increases the bite angle between the grinding table grinding roller To avoid the corrosion of the non-wearing surface of the grinding table; and the processing environment is clean, and at the same time, according to the characteristics of the exhaust gas discharged in the production of different processes, such as the temperature of the exhaust gas, whether it contains oil mist, dust and other related parameters, it is built in or Add pre-cooling devices such as coolers and filters to effectively improve the working environment, treat the emissions that meet the standards, and take the green production road!

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