What are the factors that affect the fineness of the finished slag vertical mill?

News Date:2020-04-11 14:28:05

At present, the slag vertical mill is a common equipment for grinding ore, slag, blast furnace water slag and other materials on the market. Because of its powerful grinding and drying functions, it can meet the grinding needs of various materials, so it is widely used by users. The favor! But what are the factors that affect the fineness of the vertical roller mill!

High-quality finished product quality can bring considerable benefits to the enterprise, so users pay great attention to the fineness and quality of the finished product of the vertical mill. Let's take a look at how to control the fineness of the powder from the vertical mill from two aspects:

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The air volume of the fan is an important factor affecting the fineness of the material

In the working principle of the slag vertical mill, the air volume is an important factor to control the flow of materials in the internal circulation system. The size of the air volume will affect the powder transmission speed. In general, the larger the air volume, the faster the material transmission speed. Particulate materials will also be driven by the wind, so as to enter the finished powder collector, the size of the ground powder will be coarse, which affects the quality. On the contrary, the lower the air volume, the slower the material transmission speed and the finer the finished product. The degree is coarse, and the output will be lower, so the air volume has an important influence on the quality, quality and output of the finished product.

The speed of the powder separator is also a factor that affects the fineness of the material

The sorting effect of the powder separator on the material is also the core component of the vertical mill grinding equipment to control the particle size of the powder. The speed of the turbine blades and the degree of wear have a great influence on the material. The analyzer also sorts the materials of different fineness through the speed. The particle size of the finished product controlled by the vertical mill can be adjusted arbitrarily between 30-500 meshes. Once the analyzer has problems, it will not play a role in classification. Therefore, after a period of use, the blade will appear serious At this time, the blade needs to be replaced.

The fineness of the finished material depends on the rotor speed. Increasing the speed of the rotor, the fineness of the grinding material is finer; conversely, reducing the speed of the rotor will make the particles of the material thicker. Products with qualified fineness must be adjusted gradually during the commissioning of the mill.

In addition to the two points mentioned above, during the operation of the vertical mill, there are other factors that affect the fineness of the finished product, such as the hardness of the incoming material and the temperature of the output, so the operator should pay attention to the operation of the slag vertical mill In order to find the "illness", you can "administer medicine", so that the fineness of the powder of the mill can meet the requirements!

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