What is the activity of calcined lime rotary kiln?

News Date:2020-04-10 14:05:14

In the rotary kiln market, many rotary kilns have problems such as high energy consumption and excessive pollution during operation, which has caused great economic losses to investors. Coupled with the increasingly strict environmental protection policies in recent years, many polluting enterprises need to rectify and stop production. Therefore, the energy saving and environmental protection of lime kiln calcination equipment has become the industry demand, and the environmentally friendly lime kiln calcination equipment of Xinxiang Great Wall has become the industry's choice for investment.

Chaeng has made the following efforts in environmentally friendly lime kiln calcination equipment:

1. The Xinxiang Great Wall lime kiln calcination equipment uses composite wear-resistant materials when manufacturing the kiln body. Therefore, the lime rotary kiln has stronger wear resistance and greatly reduced wear rate during operation, which effectively extends the service life of the equipment. Maintenance costs have also been reduced.

2. By adjusting the parameters of the preheater's feed cycle, kiln body speed, air-to-coal ratio, etc., the output and quality can be adjusted conveniently and flexibly. The equipment runs smoothly, the failure rate is low, and the operation rate is high. Since the rotary kiln is operated under full negative pressure, the on-site environment is very good and fully meets the requirements of environmental protection.

3. The power used in the production of the rotary kiln in the Great Wall of Xinxiang adopts the frequency converter to control and operate, avoiding the phenomenon of large horse-drawn carriages and no-load no-load operation, and saving electricity by more than 40% on average.

In summary, compared with the traditional lime rotary kiln, Xinxiang Great Wall increases output by 30%, reduces heat consumption by 40%, and discharges flue gas temperature <250 ° C, which is convenient for dust collection and can fully meet the modern energy saving and environmental protection requirements, which is ideal Lime calcination equipment!

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