General contract manufacturer of slag grinding mill-chaeng

News Date:2020-02-29 17:25:22

With the development of society, the existing industrial milling equipment is mainly slag vertical mill equipment. The vertical mill has the advantages of grinding, drying, powder selection and transportation as a whole, high grinding efficiency and large drying capacity. There are many manufacturers that can produce vertical mills, but few manufacturers can have hundreds or thousands of boxes in the domestic and foreign vertical mill markets, and at the same time can provide customers with general contracting services for slag production lines.

According to market surveys, some steel plant customers will encounter the following difficulties in handling industrial waste residues, which will directly affect production efficiency: difficulty in project approval, lack of evidence for project evaluation and construction, recruitment and operation difficulties, technical failure for project completion It is impossible to guarantee the expected results of the later production of the project, the maintenance and replacement of the equipment in the later stage is difficult, and there are basically no after-sales maintenance issues.

vertical mill

In order to completely solve this problem, Chaeng constantly updates and upgrades the existing integrated EPC general contracting services to serve customers and continuously bring new service experiences to customers. From the initial stage of the project to the final commissioning, Chaeng has continuously optimized the entire process guidance and equipment main and auxiliary machine processing production services, and has been widely praised by more than 100 customers at home and abroad.

Engineering design: raw material testing and scheme design. Relying on the Chaeng Industrial Slag Powder Research Center, grinding and testing of various industrial waste slags (slag, steel slag, nickel slag, etc.) through vertical mill / ball mill powder test lines. The R & D technical team is composed of more than 80 professional and technical personnel of the company. According to the test results, according to the characteristics of raw materials, combined with customer needs, select the appropriate equipment model, and provide detailed project design solutions.


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