chaeng steel slag vertical mill

News Date:2019-09-27 10:21:38

 The materials fall to the central of grinding table through the blanking pipe, then the grinding table is rotating at the constant speed and disperses and spreads out the materials evenly with the aid of centrifugal force, which makes the grinding table become the material bed with a certain thickness. Then several grinding rollers on the grinding table grind and crush the materials at the same time. With the continuous centrifugal force, the materials constantly move toward the outer edge of the grinding table. When the materials which leave the grinding table meet the hot gas which enter into the mill through wind ring, the materials will also rise. Then the materials enter into the separator through the mill’s middle shell, during this process, the materials and the hot gas have sufficiently heat exchange with each other, and the water is quickly evaporated. The powder separator controls the size of the finished products, particles which are larger than the specified size will be separated and fall back into the grinding table, and particles that meet the fineness requirement will enter into the finished products warehouse through the powder separator.

steel slag grinding plant


Items 600,000t/a slag grinding plant Energy consumption 450,000t/a slag grinding plant Energy consumption 300,000t/a slag grinding plant Energy consumption
Output(t/h) 105 65 50
Annual output (×10,000 tons) 60 45 30
Total Power(KW) 5400 3770 2860
The power at 10KV(KW) 4400 3140 2230
Transformer specifications 1000KVA 630KVA 630KVA
Power consumption /unit product (Kwh/ton) 40 40~41 42
Coal consumption /unit product (kg/ton) 18 18 18

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