Why steel castings produced by steel casting manufacturers are popular

News Date:2019-09-25 14:19:40

Now cast steel material is popular in the market. It is used to process the spare parts on mechanical equipment. It has a long service life and saves a certain cost. Therefore, the processed steel castings are favored by customers.

casting steel parts

Its performance is not much different from that of cast iron, but it is higher than that of cast iron. It will be prone to stomata defects during processing, and there may be angular positioning, etc., and the casing may break during long-term use. For the case of steel casting manufacturers, preventive measures have also been prepared. In particular, some manufacturers with relatively strong processing strength will have common defects and possible defects, and will have countermeasures or timely adjustment of processing plans during processing.

Chaeng cast steel material is also divided into carbon steel, low alloy steel, special steel and other classifications. Its mechanical properties are much higher than that of cast iron. The casting performance is slightly worse than that of cast iron, and because its melting point is higher. Therefore, the molten steel is prone to oxidation, poor fluidity, and large shrinkage.

The processing and forming process is more complicated, and no one can carry out casting. It requires not only advanced technology, but also has rich experience in casting processing. When customers are processing products, they must choose those enterprises with high reputation and strength.

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