Chaeng rotary kiln - Limestone Calcination Equipment

News Date:2019-09-12 10:09:31

Limestone needs to be calcined to get better application. In more calcining equipment, the environmentally-friendly limestone rotary kiln is a special equipment for processing this mineral, which is not only because the limestone rotary kiln is designed according to the limestone nature, but more importantly. It has its own unique advantages.

roatry kiln

Advantages of environmentally friendly limestone rotary kiln:

The quality of equipment is a problem that users pay great attention to during purchase. The limestone rotary kiln has good quality, excellent technology and high quality steel. The quality is guaranteed. In operation, the failure rate is low, the service life is long, and the performance advantages are mainly The following points:

1. The structure is reasonable and compact. Under the premise of ensuring the output of the limestone rotary kiln, the shortening of the length of the cylinder not only makes the floor space small, but also the heat loss rate is low;

2. The calcination effect of the limestone rotary kiln is good, the over-burning rate is low, and the rotary kiln product can meet the enterprise's material consumption standard, and the obtained product has high purity;

3. The equipment operates without noise and dust, improving the production environment of the limestone processing plant.

Chaeng has rich experience in the production of large scale kiln grinding equipment. It can provide rotary kiln equipment with a daily output of 300-1500 tons. The rotary kiln produced has advanced technology and reliable quality. At present, chaeng has produced more than 100 sets of rotary kiln of various specifications, which are sold well throughout the country and exported to Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and other countries and regions.

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