High quality girth gear for ball mill & kiln manufacturer

News Date:2022-06-01 11:04:56

In the cement production line, the rotary kiln is one of the essential equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the rotary kiln, every part of the rotary kiln must be of good quality. As an experienced rotary kiln spare parts manufacturer, Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) analyzes the importance of rotary kiln large girth gear processing technology.

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For the large girth gear processed by some foundries, after finishing, pores, slag inclusions, and even penetrating pores are found on the tooth surface. Although it can still be used after welding repair and grinding, it will definitely affect the service life of the girth gear. Therefore, it is necessary for the foundry to have relatively mature technology and casting experience in the process of processing the large girth gear, so as to ensure the quality of the rotary kiln girth gear.

In order to provide the quality of the rotary kiln girth gear ring, CHAENG has carried out a unique treatment when casting the girth gear. For example, a ring-shaped riser is set on the tooth part, and some cold iron should be laid on the outer circumference of the casting. Or after rough machining and heat treatment, check whether the surface of the parts has defects such as looseness, pores, shrinkage holes, slag inclusions, cracks, etc., which improves the product quality of the girth gear. These unique processing methods have achieved the significant advantages for the CHAENG girth gears:

Unique heat treatment technology improves wear resistance

CHAENG girth gear adopts a unique heat treatment technology in casting, which optimizes the girth gear structure, improves the hardness, and greatly enhances the wear resistance and impact resistance of the product.

High-strength steel for longevity

CHAENG uses high-strength steel for girth gear casting, and optimizes the transmission characteristics of rotary kilns and ball mills to ensure the stability of components under long-term operation and prolong the service life of components.

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