Three Advantage of Chaeng Slag Vertical Mill

News Date:2022-05-09 09:53:12

Chaeng GRMS slag vertical mill is the equipment of vertical mill manufacturing, which is based on many years of experience, meeting the needs of energy saving and environmental protection in the industry, and being introduced through technological innovation. GRMS slag vertical mill incorporates a number of patented technologies, including feeding, blanking, powder selection and anti-leakage technology. Its energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency highlights, which give it a unique competitive advantage.

Energy saving

GRMS slag vertical mill uses horizontal grinding discs and conical grinding rollers,in order to ensure that the material can form a stable material bed, low energy consumption, single-mechanics consumption does not exceed 30Kwh/t, compared with the ball grinding system, saving 30% to 40%.

slag grinding mill.jpg

Environmental protection

GRMS slag vertical mill integrates transportation, grinding, drying, and powder selection. It is a fully enclosed design with low dust pollution, low noise, clean environment and meets national environmental protection requirements.

High Efficient

GRMS slag grinding mill adopts a new type of high efficiency cage rotor separator. The specific surface area of the finished product is greater than 420m2/kg, and the operation is stable. The operation rate is as high as 93-97%.

As a professional comprehensive service provider for60 years grinding systems, chaeng is also actively seizing the slogan of “smart manufacturing”, accelerating the deep integration of information technology and large-scale equipment manufacturing, and realizing the digitization, networking, and intelligence of the equipment.

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