What are the consequences of improper control of the kiln tail temperature of the lime rotary kiln?

News Date:2022-04-22 10:58:29

Lime rotary kiln is a large-scale calcining equipment, generally through electricity, coal or natural gas, etc., to make the temperature inside the kiln reach the specified value, increase the decomposition rate of calcium carbonate, so as to complete the lime calcination work. The temperature inside the rotary kiln directly determines the quality of lime produced, especially the control of the temperature at the kiln end, we must pay attention!

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What are the consequences of improper control of the kiln tail temperature of the lime rotary kiln?

Under ideal conditions, having an ideal kiln end temperature for any kiln speed and feed rate of the rotary kiln will ensure proper cooking. If too much heat flows to the rear of the kiln, the kiln charge will unnecessarily undergo complete bottle separation prematurely and clinker formation will move towards the rear of the kiln. When the firing zone is milled too much heat to the rear of the kiln means poor operating efficiency and, as a result, wasted fuel. Conversely, not having enough heat to the rear of the kiln can create undesirable conditions, and failure to fully dispense the material as it enters the firing zone can cause operational difficulties.

What causes the abnormal temperature at the kiln end of the lime rotary kiln?


Exhaust fan speed and fuel volume are often the cause of kiln tail temperature variations. Any time one variable changes, all other variables remain the same, i.e. if you increase the exhaust fan speed, increase the fuel volume, or decrease the feed volume, the result will increase the kiln end temperature; Reduce the kiln end temperature according to the results such as the amount of material.

It can be seen from this that it is very important for the temperature in the lime rotary kiln to be stable. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment, the manufacturer of Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Rotary Kiln recommends that users can measure the temperature through remote control, install a digital display in the equipment, and then convert the temperature to the digital display, so as to better grasp the temperature in the kiln and timely Adjusting the abnormal temperature not only achieves the purpose of high output and high quality of the equipment, but also effectively prolongs the service life of the equipment!

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